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The Corporative Fund "Biodiversity Conservation Fund of Kazakhstan" was established by non-governmental environmental organizations of Kazakhstan on 04.10.2007. The Fund aims to create a mechanism for financing projects aimed at preserving the biological diversity of Kazakhstan and sustainable nature management by providing appropriate grant support to individuals and legal entities. Consolidation of funds received from various donors will allow the Fund to Finance projects that are important for the country as a whole, and for a particular region, city, village, and thus will have a multiplier effect on the environment as a whole, and on the economic and social spheres.

Special attention is paid to projects aimed at educating children and young people in the spirit of respect for the living world around them. Due to the implementation of projects By the Fund for biodiversity conservation, in addition to the direct environmental effect, it is expected: the development of eco-tourism, the introduction and development of alternative economic activities, increasing environmental awareness and civic responsibility of the population. The Fund was established as a result of careful study and analysis of the best international practices in accordance with generally recognized international norms and standards. The sponsorship of UNDP and the Global environment facility, the largest sponsor of environmental funds, enables the Fund to draw on the knowledge, skills and experience of international experts.

The Fund for biodiversity conservation of Kazakhstan works in a mixed form including accumulative and amortization forms. The mixed form allows the Fund to work both in terms of capital accumulation, and allows the use of part of the funds coming from donors, in coordination with the donor for environmental projects.

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