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The Corporate Fund "Biodiversity Conservation Fund of Kazakhstan" is currently implementing a number of projects focused on the conservation of globally significant biodiversity in Kazakhstan. In case you are not aware of the ongoing projects of the Fund, you can read about them in previous publications. The latest news on the Fund's projects:

1. Reforestation of forests of Kostanay region.
On 12.01.2023 an Agreement on cooperation between the Department of Natural Resources and Regulation of Natural Resources of the akimat of Kostanay region and the Corporate Foundation "Kazakhstan Biodiversity Conservation Fund" on the implementation of the project on the grant of the United Arab Emirates to restore the forests of Kostanay region was concluded.
On 2.02.2023 in Kostanay on the basis of Prigorodnoe leskhoz it was conducted the meeting with participation of management of department of natural resources and regulation of environmental management of akimat of Kostanay region, Prigorodnoe and Basaman nursery, the representative of "KAZNIIILH" Sharafeeva H. and the Biodiversity Conservation Fund of Kazakhstan on project realization.
As a result of the meeting, a list of equipment and machinery for Basaman and Prigorodnoye leskhoz nurseries was identified for purchase as a matter of priority for their use as early as this spring in the nurseries of these leskhozes. This list was sent by the department of natural resources and regulation of use of natural resources of Kostanay region akimat to the Biodiversity Conservation Fund for searching of potential suppliers and making of contracts on delivery.
At the moment, on the basis of the received list of necessary equipment and machinery, the Biodiversity Conservation Fund signed contracts with suppliers for purchase of such machinery and equipment as PAZ-32054 buses, UAZ-236324 vehicle, MTZ-82,1 tractor and equipment for forest nurseries.
Delivery of machinery and equipment is scheduled for April this year.
In the future, after the corresponding projects are developed, the project funds will be used for the reconstruction of nurseries of Basaman and Prigorodny Forestry institutions with the arrangement of irrigation systems.

2. Creation of demonstration plots on the basis of rural communities to demonstrate sustainable practices of restoration of degraded lands and protection of pollinators, focused on agricultural land.
Since 2022 the Corporate Fund "Biodiversity Conservation Fund of Kazakhstan" started implementing a joint project with UNDP "Creation of demonstration sites on the basis of rural communities to demonstrate sustainable practices of restoration of degraded lands and protection of pollinators, focused on agricultural lands".
The project aims to build the capacity of farmers, scientists and policy makers on the conservation of natural ecosystems on agricultural lands, including pollinators, demonstrating innovative agricultural practices for pollinator conservation.
Within the framework of the project activities a seminar "The importance of pollinators and bees in agriculture" was held in Kostanay city on February 9, 2023. The seminar was attended by beekeepers, students and teachers of Kostanay Regional University named after A. Baitursynov. At the seminar there were considered current issues on pollinators and pollinators, existing difficulties and risks in beekeeping industry.

3. A pilot project on the inventory of unrecorded forests in Kostanay and North Kazakhstan regions and the automation of forestry information collection.
Implementation of the project on inventory of unrecorded forests in Kostanay and North Kazakhstan regions and automation of forestry information collection is ongoing. In December 2022, the second meeting of the Steering Committee of the project was held, which consists of representatives of the Committee on Forestry and Wildlife of the MENR RK, the Asian Forestry Cooperation Organization (AFCO), the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan and the project implementation team. As a result of the meeting, the annual report for 2022 was presented and accepted, and the work plan and budget for 2023 was approved.
According to the work plan, the selection of suppliers to carry out work on modernization of the server room in the State Enterprise "Kazakh forest management enterprise" was carried out.
The tender was held and the contractor was selected to develop an information system for automation of forestry information collection "Consolidation of reporting on the state of the state forest fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

4. Improvement of management efficiency of specially protected natural territories of the Western Tien-Shan, stage II.
Implementation of the project on improvement of management effectiveness of Aksu-Zhabagli SPA, Sairam-Ugam SPA, Karatau SPA is continued.
Since the beginning of the year, three consultative meetings on organization of the third meeting of the Regional Committee of the "Western Tien-Shan" IAB in Tashkent were held. An agreement was reached with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on holding a three-day workshop with participation of three countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan). Experts from the three countries are also developing national management plans for the "Western Tien Shan" WNH. Upon completion, they will be sent to IUCN to prepare a draft of the Regional Management Plan, which will be discussed during the workshop in Tashkent in April this year.
Also published "Living Manual" with descriptions of rare and endangered species of animals and plants, intended for both students and staff of protected areas, IUCN and law enforcement agencies involved in conservation work.
Work continued on providing water and improving the diversity of grasses pastures of Khantagi village in the territory adjacent to the Karatau Nature Reserve. For this purpose, a solar electric power station was purchased and installed, a well was cleared and activated, work on increasing the volume of water in the reservoir was carried out, and a nursery was fenced and seeded for growing motley grasses. For the first time, a biodiversity-sensitive pasture management plan for rural Khantagi County was developed and adopted.
In January 2023, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a law on amendments and additions to the legislation, which provides for the responsibility of pasture users for the conservation of plant biodiversity.
On March 13-15 of this year in the three pilot PAs coordination councils were held with the participation of PA management, representatives of the civil sector and members of the project implementation team.

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