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Since the beginning of 2019, the Biodiversity conservation Fund of Kazakhstan has launched the project "Restoration of abandoned irrigated lands by providing water supply and restoring the irrigation network and creating water collectors" of Global Water Challenge of Coca-Cola company.
Within the framework of this Project, a training seminar was held in Almaty region on the theme "Creation of technological and ecological-hydrological conditions for the proper maintenance and operation of seasonal regulation ponds of class IV (on the example of the Saimasai-3 storage pond)".
The main objective of the Project Is Sustainable management of irrigated lands in rural areas through the introduction of water-saving practices, reconstruction of the irrigation network and the creation of flood catchments.
Participants of the workshop were: SP "Zhiger K. M.", akimat of the rural district Baiterekov, LLP "GISS", SPK "Margulan", farmers, leaders of cooperatives of water users, scientists and teachers KazNTU them.K. I. Satpayeva, Zonal hydrogeological and meliorative center of the Ministry of agriculture, NGOs and others.
The training seminar included the following activities:
1) seminar-on August, 14 in Baiterek rural district on the topic: "the Main types of impact on the environment (EIA) and measures to mitigate the impact on the object of repair and restoration work»;
2) field day- on August, 15 in the format of training to determine the main quality indicators of the technical condition of the dam and dam embankment pond after repair and restoration work.
Thus, at the training seminar, the main issues for further work were discussed, presentations of participants were heard and interim results of the work were summed up.
It should be noted that the seminar was also actively attended by local women farmers, which also allowed to implement a gender approach in the Project.
Thus, the seminar was successful, the reconstruction of the impoundment seasonal regulation "Saymasay-3" in the village Bayterek Almaty region are going according to plan.

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