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The Corporative Fund "Biodiversity Conservation Fund of Kazakhstan" carries out the project of the Korean Forest service "Phyto-forest-melioration of the dried bottom of the Aral sea" in Kyzylorda region.
Within the framework of the project, in the period from 18 to 21 August 2019, a visit of researchers of the University of Korea was made. In the framework of the visit Professor Evan Son, Professor Asiya Khamzina, graduate Guangan Kim carried out the following work:
- Were collected soil samples in the territories of the landings 1990-2017 years for further study of the effect of artificial planting on the biological, physical and chemical properties of the soil, and also collected soil samples in the territories of the natural growth of saxaul to further compare the soil properties in the territories of the artificial and natural growth of saxaul.
- Saxaul leaf samples were collected in the planting areas of 1990-2017 for further study of the influence of soil properties on the growth and survival of saxaul.
Thus, at the moment, 10,000 hectares of saxaul have already been planted on the drained bottom of the Aral sea. Work on the Project continues.

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