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Forest diversity in Kazakhstan has a number of world-important genetic resources that are threatened by poor management and uncontrolled harvesting.

Currently, the UNDP-GEF Project is working on the development of the concept of creating a genetic Bank of forest seeds, which provides an integrated approach to the conservation and sustainable use of the genetic Fund of forest tree and shrub species of plants of Kazakhstan by ex situ method.

In this regard, it is very important to pay attention to the training and improvement of the competence of specialists and experts in the field of conservation of unique forest genetic resources.

From 9 to 13 December 2019, the Republic of Korea hosted a training tour on "Empowerment and capacity building in the conservation of forest genetic resources and the establishment of genetic banks". The organizers of the training course were: the ’Biodiversity conservation Fund of Kazakhstan”, UNDP in Kazakhstan, the Asian organization for cooperation in the forest sector (AFoCO) and the Committee of forestry and wildlife of the Ministry of ecology, geology and natural resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main purpose of this training tour was to organize and conduct a study tour for employees of the forestry system and leading scientists to study international experience in the field of conservation of the genetic Fund of forest tree and shrub species of plants by ex-situ method through the creation of genetic banks of forest seeds, databases, application of advanced technologies in the field of seed storage and seed cultivation, etc.

The Kazakh delegation consisted of representatives of the Committee of forestry and wildlife, heads of the Republican breeding center, Ile-Alatau and Sairam-Ugam national parks, scientists from the Institute of General genetics and Cytology, and the Kazakh Institute of forestry.

As part of the training course in Korea, the tour participants visited the national Forest Seed Center (NFSV), which works to improve the protection system of plant varieties and increase the productivity of seeds and seedlings. Also, for the participants of the tour, a visit was organized to the national arboretum Bekdujegan (BDNA), as well as to the Yongmun tree nursery and the NIFOS Forest Research Institute.

Thus, within the framework of the tour, the experience of Korea in the creation and storage of genetic diversity of seeds of both forest crops and natural flora, providing and conducting scientific applied research on the study of forest genetic Fund, forest selection was studied.

By the way, this training tour was organized by our Fund earlier this year, in September. It should be noted that the Republic of Korea has extensive experience in the conservation of forest genetic resources. The training course contained a deep and wide information and practical exchange. Korean experts shared their experience in the creation and operation of genetic seed banks, seed storages, arboretums, forest plantations and nurseries, as well as experience in the creation of forest seed insurance Fund and training of highly specialized experts in the field of forest genetics, breeding and seed production.

In short, the training course was rich, informative and interesting for all participants and, most importantly, useful and effective.

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