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On September 17, members of the Public Council under the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources, in the composition of the acting chairman - Asylkhan Asylbekov, head of the commission on geology and water resources - Zhomart Aliyev, director of the Korgalzhyn ecological observatory and the KF National Delphic Committee - Kuralai Tuspekova, president of the Center for the Study and Conservation of Biodiversity - Nurlan Ongarbaev, head of the ALE The Association for the Protection of Animals "UNUCOBO" - Lilia Sarsenova, together with an expert on projects of the CF "Fund for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan" - Nurdaulet Samen visited Lake Small Taldykol in Nur-Sultan.

Earlier, hundreds of residents of the capital gathered on the shores of Lake Maly Taldykol to watch a small flock of young flamingos. It is a rare opportunity to see representatives of the Red Book birds in the city.

On this day, 15 young individuals were counted, for this reason, these birds have not yet had time to acquire the same, well-known and familiar pink color.

The main reason for visiting Lake Maly Taldykol is the confrontation between the akimat and eco-defenders. The slow disappearance of Lake Maly Taldykol is the result of urbanization: the reservoirs are separated by roads and residential areas. According to the project approved by officials, only 20 hectares out of 600 will remain from small Taldykol. According to the city authorities, the lake dries up, spreads a stench, and its waters contain harmful substances. According to officials, in order to prevent an environmental catastrophe, it is necessary to carry out cleaning work: to remove the silt, which prevents the flow of waters that have fed the lake all this time, and to deepen the lake, since its depth at the moment is 20 cm. ...

The defenders point out that the akimat is guided by the interests of construction companies, which allegedly want to seize part of the territory of the lakes and raise the value of the real estate in the district by improving the lake.

The members of the Public Council decided to discuss the problems around Lake Maly Taldykol at the next extraordinary meeting of the Public Council.

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